A Handbook for Heretics- By John W. Sloat

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A Handbook For Heretics comes at a critical time in the life of the church. A new spiritual age is dawning, but the mainline churches are doing their best to pretend that it isn't happening. Episcopal Bishop John Spong says that society is full of spiritual people and dying churches. Why is it that the modern spiritual discoveries, such as out-of-body and near-death experiences, pre-birth and post-death appearances, angel communication and the miraculous messages contained in "coincidental" experiences are not being embraced by the traditional churches? Because for most of them, tradition is more important than truth. They don't want to have to update their confessions of faith, because it will diminish their power and turn them into seekers rather than authorities. But their rejection of these phenomena is making the old line churches more and more irrelevant.

A Handbook for Heretics examines the difference between the church and the Kingdom of God, and urges people on both sides to embrace the experiences of the other. Filled with exciting personal stories of mystical experiences which have changed people's lives, it describes in detail the possible shape of the Christian faith of the future, one which is open to the revelations which God is sharing with us every day.

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