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The Aroma of Love

Kris, my significant other, and I lived with my mother for four years. My mother loved to cook a good breakfast on the weekend. She would often cook eggs and sausage and let the delicious aroma waft upstairs until it roused us from sleep. Many weekends included this loving gesture of my mother's.

My mother passed away from cancer in April of 2003. She died at home with Hospice and her family at her side. I was very close to her and missed her terribly. I asked God to let me know that she is o.k. now.

One Sunday morning in November I woke up to the smell of eggs and sausage. Kris was sound asleep next to me. It couldn't have been her cooking breakfast! So I inhaled deeply and smiled. I went downstairs just as I remembered doing so many times before when Mom was alive. But, of course, there was no one in the kitchen.

I looked up on the mantle where Mom's urn is, laughed and said, "O.K. Mom, where are my eggs and sausage!?" I felt her love to my inner core. "And I love you too, Mom!"

Maria Meyers
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Posted 11-16-03