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A Visit From My Boyfriend

My boyfriend committed suicide last April and I have been searching websites to help me through the grieving process. I came across your website and read the post about "My Father's Energy Force." I had a similar experience twice with my boyfriend's spirit.

During the first one, I had this invasive pressure come through my chest. I was partially asleep and felt paralyzed for a second. I was about to resist it until somehow I knew who it was. Telepathically I thought, "I miss you." The energy force communicated to me "I miss you, too." Then I had this feeling of warmth and being embraced.

More recently, I was sort of asleep again, and I thought at first that the cat had jumped up on my leg. I looked down and the cat was not there. The next moment it felt like some energy force climbed into bed with me and invaded my body. The experience was very intimate and I knew it was my boyfriend.

I hope that this means that he is OK and that God has forgiven him for taking his life. I keep reading that suicide is never forgiven, but I do not believe that this is true.


Posted 1-28-10