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A "Coincidental" Communication

I recently lost my beloved husband of eleven years to cancer. I took care of him and watched over him as the cancer progressed and took him in under fifty days. Nearly ten pounds of tumor had been surgically removed, but they still didn't get it all. Of course, our lives were put on hold and I went to the hospital every day to see him. He suffered a great deal but never complained. During that whole time, all he asked for was a margarita.

Henry had always loved Jimmy Buffet. Recently, he had been reading Jimmy Buffet's new book, a gift from his mom this past Christmas. While he was in the hospital, I asked him, "When you get to heaven, please let me know." He said, "I'll try."

When he finally took his last gasps of air and was gone, his eyes were wide open as though he were looking right through me. His pupils were normal. He didn't have the strength in the previous weeks to open his eyes that way.

Later that night, I went to his parents' house with our two young daughters. Family had flown in from everywhere to support us. When I decided to spend the night, his mother asked if I wanted a clean shirt. I said OK, and went to her closet, She had many blouses and some sweatshirts hung inside out so the hangers wouldn't make the shoulders puff out (a woman thing). I picked a sweatshirt off the rack and turned it right side out.

I was astonished to see the words that were printed on it - "Margarita Ville, Key West" and "Jimmy Buffet." I knew this was the first of many signs to come from my beloved husband. He was only thirty-four with so many plans, and we miss him. Love you, Henry.

Kim Meszar

Posted March 25th, 2005