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The Wild Bunny

My mother passed away after a quick bout with cancer. She needed 24-hour care after her chemo because she was older and the chemo did a number on her. So we had to put her in a rehabilitation center. I promised I was going to take her out but I never got the chance. She was only in the home for three days before she passed.

It was a Friday night and I went over right after work to visit. When I got there, she hadn't eaten and she looked a mess so I told her we were going to get her fixed up. I picked out a very soft white night gown for her to wear. I washed her up and brushed her hair, thinking how beautiful it looked and what a shame it would be when she started to lose it from the treatment. She was very sleepy due to her medication but I wanted her to get a little fresh air. So I opened the window to her room and sat her in a chair.

Right outside her window was a wild bunny facing her window. I showed it to her and told her to look at the beautiful bunny. She just smiled. I then tucked her into bed, gave her a kiss and told her I loved her. She said, "Thanks for everything you have done for me." I said, "Of course. You don't have to thank me. Call me if you need me."

Well, she passed away that night. The next morning I ran to her room and it was obvious that they had tried to resuscitate her because things where thrown around and her bed was stripped. I happened to look out the window and the bunny was there, but facing the opposite direction. I took that as my sign from her.

At my son's first high school football game I was feeling really sad that she wouldn't be there. I was standing with a group of people, and there were bushes behind us. Well, I realized she was there when a little bunny came running out of the brush and hopped over my foot!

I have gotten many more signs involving bunnies since her death.

Karen Lasso

Posted Sept. 9, 2008