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A Greeting in a Candle Flame

During a recent time of meditation and prayer, I gathered pictures of my parents, my best friend, my grandmother, and other loved ones who had passed. I lit a candle in front of their pictures.

I began my meditation by giving thanks for all the wonderful people in my life and even slipped in a request for guidance for some troubling things that were occurring. I then focused on my pictures and sent feelings of love to all those who had passed on. I thanked every one for what they'd meant to me, asking them to be a continued guidance in my life.

Towards the end of my session I was particularly missing my mother. I gazed into her picture and said (telepathically) "Ma, could you give me a sign? I'm ready. I'm not scared. I miss you and would be delighted with a sign."

Suddenly, the flame on the candle shot high in the air. It started to dance from left to right, really wildly. I looked around the room to see if a window was open, or a draft was coming from somewhere. Nothing. My heart started to beat faster. I said, "Ma, is this you? If it is, do something different, right now."

The flame stopped. It stood eerily still. It no longer moved or danced or went high in the air. I had such a great feeling at this point. It was like a warm coating of love slid over my head, down to my toes. It was as if her spirit were hugging me. The hair stood up on my arms and it brought tears to my eyes.

What a great experience! I feel so blessed when things like this happen.

Janice Burpee