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"Be Careful, Boys"

My three brothers, three sisters and I made the summer days of the 1950's carefree and magical. My twin brother and I were the youngest of the children, and Michael was the next to the youngest. Life was a wonderland that seemed eternal to the three of us at that time. We were fortunate not to have experienced any deaths in the family during our childhood. The one exception was the disappearance of our grandfather, never to be seen or heard from again. My dad spoke with the authorities in San Francisco which was where he had been headed but, as time went on, my family gradually lost hope that Grandpa would ever return.

My brothers and I were always inventing clever ways of entertaining ourselves. This included ventures into the great unknown with things such as ghost stories and the supernatural. One such occasion was when my twin brother and I were playing with our BB guns in our back yard. Suddenly, out of nowhere, we both distinctly heard a voice, quite calm and a bit elderly, warn us, "BE CAREFUL, BOYS!"

The two of us froze in our tracks and scanned our yard to see who had spoken. There was absolutely no one around. We wondered if it was the old man in the yard behind our house, but he was nowhere to be seen. If he had made the remark from inside his house, he would have had to yell. But the voice had come across as serene and majestic.

My brother and I both were certain that this voice was something out of the ordinary. It had to have been supernatural but, for two young boys, the only way we could describe it was by saying that "God" had spoken to us!

Our comment got plenty of laughs from our neighbors and school friends, but to this day we both insist that we heard a voice when there was no one to be seen. Now in our sixties, we have gone beyond religion, and are followers of the global spiritual awakening.

Recently, while studying ADC (After Death Communication), a light bulb suddenly went off in my head after 55 years. Every detail of my grandfather's personality and vocal characteristics were present in those three words that day - Be Careful, Boys! My parents called us "the kids" while our grandpa always referred to us as "the boys." We now wonder what took us so long to make this connection.

Our grandfather intended to return but never did. When I said that we never "heard" from him again, that isn't exactly correct. On the day that we heard the mysterious voice of "God," we now realize that it was our grandfather stopping over to say good-bye to his grandkids - the boys. They say children are more receptive to the supernatural; perhaps we were the only ones in the family who were able to hear his voice?

Dan Webster Nashville, TN

Posted November 2, 2012