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The Cat Came Back
I was 15 when I got my first cat, Miranda. I told her she had to live until I was 30 as I became very bonded to her. She moved away from home with me, and endured all of my angst as a young adult. When I was 30, she did pass away and I was devastated. However, I had a series of dreams followed by a couple of visits.

In the first dream, I saw Miranda and she still looked very ill. Her thought to me was, "Do you really want me like this?" I had to agree with her. A few months later, a second dream followed. I found her in my house. I was so excited I hugged her and felt her warm fur against my face. Her thought to me was, "You aren't supposed to see me." The third dream was short; she was walking down my hallway. She was beautiful and healthy - she was glowing. This time my impression was that she had just come to visit.

A year or so later, a stray cat, Dexter, moved in. He was a bit emotionally scarred from living on the streets. However, one day he was sitting in the living room when he heard a cat walking through the kitchen. Dexter froze. When my other cat, Alex, walked in, Dexter just about fell over with relief. A few weeks later, Dexter began watching the long hallway to the right of us. His eyes followed something down the hallway, although nothing was there. His eyes then followed something from one side of the living room entrance to the other. Dexter noticed my hand and reached out and patted it, then put his feet underneath himself, as if to say, "OK, you're real." He continued to watch the entrance warily.

A little later, I was in my bedroom reading with Dexter and Alex on the bed in front of me. Dexter was washing himself when I heard a cat walking down the hallway outside the bedroom. I looked at both cats. Poor Dexter sat frozen, one leg in the air, his ears pinned back and his eyes huge as he stared at the bedroom door. I chuckled and petted him. "I think Miranda just came to visit again," I said to him. I truly believe my first cat never left me or that house.

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Posted Sept. 17, 2010