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My gram, the most important person in my life, has been gone thirteen years. About two years ago when I started this new journey, I decided to ask her for a sign. One of her pet names for me was "Sugarfoot". So I asked, "Gram, if you can hear me, would it be possible to send me a sign - 'Sugarfoot'"?

I asked several times through about a two week period. A few days before Christmas, my husband's son and grandson were visiting. I was coming up the stairs from the basement when I heard a LOUD crack and the sound of glass landing on the tile kitchen floor. As I rounded the corner, I expected to see my grandson into some kind of mischief. Instead, there was no one around and I discovered the sound had been caused by a large piece of glass which had broken off the top of my vinegar cruet. The piece was still lying on the floor. It was so unusual that my awareness picked up immediately.

It was about thirty minutes later that I was sitting at the dinner table when my little grandson walked over to stand beside me. I was just about to tell him to go back in the kitchen to eat his donut because he going to make a mess when I looked down at my shoe - it was covered with the white powdered sugar from the donut! SUGARFOOT! Needless to say I was thrilled!

The second pet name my Gram had for me was Honeybucket. About a year later I asked again for a sign, this time -- "Honeybucket." Again I asked many times and was just about to give up. One morning, music made me sit right up in bed. The music was kind of in my head and yet not. Hard to explain except it was there! I was trying to think where I had heard the music before when.......BAM, it hit me. There is a word game I play on AOL called Tumblebees. With each word you make, the bees drip more honey in the bucket. As you get closer to winning, there is this music that comes on to let you know you are getting closer to filling up the HONEYBUCKET! Of course! Now, why I never made the connection all the times I played is beyond me, but Gram made the connection for me.

The third sign was from my mother-in-law who passed last year. I first asked her for some black kitties since she loved her black kitty. I saw lots of black kitties but I then realized that black kitties are too general. I had a hard time coming up with anything else, but finally settled on her maiden name, Pinkerton. I asked at least a month for this sign. Then in May, a day before her birthday, I was filing my patient cards in my office. One kind of fell out to catch my notice -- Mr. Pinkerton! He is not my patient, so I didn't even know we had a Mr. Pinkerton. Thank you, Mom.

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Posted Oct. 3rd, 2005