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Nanny and the Cockatoos

My grandmother, Lily, died in August last year after a long battle with Alzheimers. I sat and held her hand, talking to her and sleeping next to her for six whole days, 24 hours a day. I loved her very much and knew I was sort of her favourite.

The morning she passed, I asked her to give me a sign when she got to heaven (she could not respond as she was semi conscious). After she was gone, I went outside her room to let my other relatives have a moment with her. I looked up toward the sky and said in my head, "If you're OK, show me a white bird, or even a white feather, that I can't mistake is meant for me."

Later that day, at my house, I was standing outside with my Dad and my uncle, crying, when about a hundred cockatoos flew about one metre above our heads. They were so extremely close that if I had reached up, I could have touched them all. They just came out of nowhere!

I know you don't have cockatoos in America so I'll briefly explain. They are large WHITE birds that squawk really loudly. The other amazing thing was that they were not making a sound, not one of them! All you could hear was the flutter of all their wings.

They flew really low over our heads and then flew into the trees surrounding our home. Once in the trees, they started to squawk and lots of feathers began to fall from the trees. I was seriously overwhelmed, but filled with peace at the same time. (Dad was a bit freaked out!)

I have no question in my mind that it was my Nan soaring above us, showing us how free she now was. It was dusk and there was a beautiful sunset of pinks and purples, and it was just one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Thanks, Nanny. I miss you.

Michelle Leech
Sydney, Australia

Posted Sept. 1, 2005