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Dad Makes His Presense Known

When my wife's brother was terminally ill, my wife and her sister were with him. They stayed with him all day Friday and Saturday morning as he was fighting for his life. Trying to comfort him, my wife told him on Friday not to be afraid and to go toward the light, but he became very agitated at the suggestion, so she quit saying anything like that.

He was communicating with her by squeezing her hand. During their Saturday morning visit, it was clear to both sisters that he was concentrating on them and on what they were saying. But at about ten a.m. he began to focus on the ceiling above the bed and away from his sisters.

Two safety pads were leaning against the wall behind my wife and her sister. They were to be laid on the floor at night to protect a patient if he fell out of bed. The pads had been leaning against the wall all morning and the previous day, since they were only used at night, and they had not moved an inch.

My wife's brother was extremely close to his father. He lived his entire life with his parents and
never married. When my wife noticed that her brother had begun focusing on the ceiling, she asked him what he was looking at and if he saw their dad, who had died many years earlier. Just then, one of the pads fell away from the wall. It did not slide down the wall but fell away in a forward motion as though it had been pushed.

The noise startled my wife and her sister. Her brother moved his gaze back from the ceiling to his sisters, in the direction of the safety pad that had fallen. Then, slowly, he looked back again toward the empty side of the hospital room, and my wife asked him a second time, "What do you see? Do you see our dad in this room?" At that instant, the second safety pad fell forward, away from the wall. This really shook the two women up. Both pads had fallen from their place next to the wall at the exact moment my wife asked the question, "Do you see our dad in the room?"

After this second incident my wife's other sister came into the room, and their brother tried very hard, with his frail voice, to tell them that he loved them. When this second sister bent down to kiss him, she said, "He looks at such peace now." Later, a nurse came into the room, and the women were asked to take a break. When they returned, they discovered that their brother had died while they were gone.

After the pads fell, he was noticeably calmer, and seemed to have lost his resistance to going toward the light. Since he died only minutes afterward, I suspect that he saw his dad in that room and was ready to give up his physical life. It is also significant that he died ten years to the day from the time his father died, and at the same time of day.

When one person sees something like this we might chalk it up to stress or hallucination, but my wife's sister was with her and saw the same phenomenon.


Posted April 6, 2007