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Our Daughter

Our 14-year-old daughter passed Oct. 25, 2012.Since then she has visited us many times.The first time I saw her on our loveseat where she always sat. Lightbulbs have gone out around my husband. Shortly after she passed, I awoke out of a sound sleep to see the most beautiful ball of individual flickering lights. I blinked and they were still there, but then they disappeared. I have felt her presence strongly, especially while I'm in my kitchen.

The main event I want to talk about is a phone call. I had been feeling real down for a couple of days, not having heard from our daughter for a week or two. I was in my kitchen, doing dishes and laundry when I cried out to her to talk to me, in my dreams or some other way. My husband, who was out of town on a job, called ten minutes later. We talked for five minutes and then it sounded as though he dropped his phone into his coffee. It made a funny warped sound.

I waited on the line to see what had happened. I listened and heard what sounded like 100's of weird voices talking at one time, trying to communicate. I had never heard anything like that before in my life. I could still hear my husband breathing so I called out to him, but no response. I continued listening to the voices. Thenůmy daughter spoke to me. I do not care to share her words, but she let us know that she was ok; her words were very soothing.

I called my husband's name again; nothing, just the voices talking. I thought I would move to the kitchen because I always feel her strongest there. I talked with her some more. Then I heard my husband crying. I called his name; still nothing. The call lasted around 45 minutes.

When I hung up, I called my husband and asked him if he had dropped his phone in the coffee. He said he hadn't. I asked him if he had heard what I did, and he said yes. He never heard me talk and I never heard him talk. But I could hear him breath and cry. He told me he did cry, and he also talked with our daughter.

This is not made up. It really happened. We feel truly blessed to have this kind of closure with our daughter, since we did not get that opportunity when she died.

Debbie M.

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Posted 2/21/2013