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Don Says Goodbye

My story happened about ten years ago. I was working for City Police in the Canadian Police Information Centre. Because of that, we knew all the officers on the force as  they had to come to CPIC after making an arrest

One of the Detectives from the Robbery Section named Don developed a crush on me. I suppose it was flattering but since he was married there was no chance of us ever getting together. Even so, he did many nice things for me and some pretty stupid things when he would see me with another man. He would also tell me I took his breath away because I was good looking when I was young.

So over the years I kept him as a friend and nothing else, and I liked that much better.  He also drank a lot and smoked which I knew was very bad for his health. He retired from the force and opened his own business, so I didn't see much of him any more.

One day, I went to the grocery store and met a couple of people who also worked at the police department. We were chatting away when one of them asked me if I knew that Don had passed away from a massive heart attack about four days before; they had already had the funeral. I never read the obituaries in the paper so I did not know this. I felt really bad. The rest of the day I just thought about it and kept thinking, "Jeez, Don, I wish I could have seen you and said goodbye."

That night I went to bed as usual still thinking about Don. During the night I suddenly was in a most beautiful field. The colours were indescribable they were so beautiful. The weird thing was I wasn't pondering why I was there in this field. I was just standing there waiting for something.

I looked straight ahead and saw a man walking towards me. I knew right away that it was Don. He walked just like John Wayne and was wearing his burgundy blazer which he wore a lot when he was working. He walked towards me, came over to me, put his arms around me, held me in his arms and kissed me. Then, not saying a word, he turned and walked away. I watched him walk away and felt a sense of peace.

This did not feel lik
e a dream to me; it was reality. Don had come to say goodbye. The only thing that surprised me was that it was only five days after he died that this took place.

People have poo-pooed this happening saying it was just a dream, so I keep it to myself. I am just happy that he is in a better place and that he came to me, dream or not. Since then I have never dreamed of him again. I guess once is enough.


Posted June 6, 2015