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I lost both parents early - Mom when I was 17, my Dad a few months after I turned 20. Because of a family situation, their care - visits to hospitals, transporting them,etc.- fell to me and I was glad I was there to provide whatever help I could.

I don't recall when, but I had the dream some time after Dad died in October,1956.

Mom and Dad appeared to me, standing side by side in a blue fog up to their ankles. There was a third entity with them, wearing a white robe, but the face and gender were unclear to me.

I said to my parents, "But you are dead!" They said, "We know,but they let us come back to visit."I've never had a repeat of that dream and it had to be over fifty years ago!

I do not follow any organized religion but I believe there is a spiritual realm.

Ms. Eileen Schenck
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Posted June 28th, 2013