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Dreaming About Dad

I lost my father this year and am always looking for signs and signals that he is out there in some form. I have dreams about him, but the most vivid and realist one was when he called me on my mobile phone a couple of nights after his death.

I was in a semi-awake state and in the dream my cell phone rang. I picked it up and, as clear as day and as loud as if he was standing next to me, he said, "Hello, Paula." At that point, I was so shocked I flung myself upright in bed, breathing heavily because it was so real. It was a dream (the phone didn't actually ring) but it was strange because I was only semi asleep, definitely not deep enough for me to be dreaming. The other strange thing was that Dad never called me on my mobile phone. I think he had called me on it once the whole time I had it.

A few nights later, Dad came to me in another dream. Usually I don't get answers in my dreams when I ask a question. But I had been wondering all week where Dad could be, and he decided to tell me that he was OK and that he was with about 3000 other people. No one he knew was there at the time, but he was extremely happy and healthy - he looked amazingly well. When I asked him if he was still with us, watching over us, he specifically replied, "Always." And with that he smiled goodbye and disappeared.

I have not had a dream like that again, but I still do dream about Dad. He walks beside me in the dream scene, or pops in to visit - we both know he only has a short time in the dream. He comes to me when I am upset and call him. In fact, every time I have wished to see him and need him to give me a hug, I always dream about him. We can't usually have "dreams on demand," so that's why I think it isn't a dream as much as it is a way for him to actually communicate with me.

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Posted Oct. 18, 2004