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The Fairy Wand

Several years ago, my great aunt Lynn passed away. My grandma (her sister) was devastated by her death. My great aunt had owned a fairy wand that glowed and made a twinkling sound when it was waved. Whenever guests left her home, she would wave the wand over their heads and say a phrase that wished good things for them. As her body was being carried out of her home, the family thought it was appropriate the wave the wand over her, as a way of saying goodbye.

After Lynn's death, my grandma, her sister and her daughter were all sitting in Lynn's living room crying. Her fairy wand was lying on the table. Suddenly, it lit up and made the twinkling sound they had all grown to love. But the wand was supposed to do that only when it was waved. My grandma didn't even remember it being turned on. She says she knew her sister was there somehow and that she was okay. It brought great joy to them in a time of deep sorrow. The wand has also gone off several times in my grandma's house, just sitting on a table, while the switch was turned off.


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Posted July 14, 2012