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My Father's Hug

My husband and I found my father dead on his kitchen floor in August of last year. I went through every emotion imaginable, and even felt responsible at first for his death, As time went on, the thing that hurt most was that Daddy did not visit me in my dreams like some of my other loved ones had.

I'd been telling my husband John for years about how I got messages from deceased loved ones. He wanted to believe me but had no point of reference on the subject. Then he actually heard Daddy talking to him just a few weeks after Daddy's death. He was shocked because nothing like that had ever happened to him before.

John was coming back from an auction where he'd bought a few rifles for a really great price. On the way, he heard my Daddy's voice clear as day saying, "Yeah, those are nice guns and you did get a good deal on them." Daddy was an avid gun-collector.

John was moved to tears by the experience, and when he told me, we just cried and held each other. I was so happy that now he knew for sure, just as I did, that after-death communication was real. But I also felt jealous that Daddy talked to John instead of ME - his own daughter!

I began to despair, feeling abandoned, and wondered if perhaps he disapproved of the way I was handling his affairs. Then, a few weeks ago, my father did finally visit me in a dream.

I was standing next to my grandparents' house in Arkansas and there he was! I ran up to him, and he said, "I've been trying to figure out a way to meet with you." Then he hugged me for a very long time. I could really feel his arms around me, and his unconditional love filled my entire being. It was so beautiful, and I felt spiritually healed afterward. Perhaps I had just been so sad, and vibrating at such a low level, that he couldn't reach me before.

Last week, I spent the weekend at my grandparents' house which we bought a few years ago. Every time I stay there, I can feel my grandparents' presence, and it's so comforting. As I was getting ready for bed on Saturday night, I heard my father's voice coming from near the window in the bedroom. I listened a little closer because it was hard to make out. I heard my name and then very clearly the words "I love you."

When my husband came into the bedroom, the voice stopped. This is a first for me; previously I had only been spoken to by deceased loved ones while asleep. When I told John about hearing the voice, he accepted it without question. So now I'm motivated to develop my aural receptors so I can better tune in to that type of communication.

Glenda Williams

Posted Mar. 28, 2011