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My First Spiritual Experience

The very first spiritual experience for me occurred when I was about eight years old. My father passed away suddenly and it was a tough time for me.

I was a newly "enlisted" Cub Scout and was at one of my first Cub Scout meetings. The meeting was really just a fun time when several boys would get together with a few moms, play games and begin to learn about the scouting concept.

During this particular meeting, we were playing a game in which we tried to land a coin in a small glass at the bottom of a water-filled two-gallon glass jug. If we were successful, we would win a goldfish. That motivated me.

I watched as each fellow Scout attempted to get the coin in the inner glass.What I observed was that the silly coin would float and flutter back and forth until it landed far from the glass on the bottom of the bigcontainer.

As I watched this, I internally asked my father on some level within my mind, "How can I get the coin into the glass?" I had never spontaneously asked an inner question like that before. I had never before been motivated to do so.

Then,an image came to me. I was shown a picture in my mind of the two-gallon jug being tipped on its edge, at about 45 degrees. Then, if I dropped a coin in the water, the fluttering might cause it to go into the glass at thebottom.

Then it was my turn to drop the coin. Without asking anyone or saying anything, I carefully tilted the jug on its edge. As I did this, two of the moms noticed that I was attempting something different and came quickly to help me balance the heavy jug. I dropped the coin in the water. Within a couple of seconds, the coin went back and forth and then fell right into the glass!

Needless to say, I amazed everyone, including myself! After that, the rest of the Scouts did what I did and they too won the prize. I proudly earned a goldfish that day.

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Posted Feb. 04, 2013