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A Glitch In the CD

This is an experience I had after my fiancé passed away last May. He seems to visit me often, both in my dreams and on special days like Valentine's Day. However, one incident is so vivid and surprising, that I wanted to share it.

Patrick was a gifted musician. A few weeks after his death, his friends and family planned a memorial/benefit show for him. Several of his friends' bands were going to perform. His best friend was putting together a memorial CD of Patrick's music to distribute at the show.

A week before the show was to take place, I had a dream that he was calling me on the phone. His voice was very clear! He seemed upset and said, "You know the music, right?" and I said "Yes." He went on to say "One, two, three....there's something wrong with track three." He was very insistent, and asked me to see if I could fix it. I said I would. The next morning, I contacted his friend who was taking care of pressing the CDs. His friend said everything was fine, that all the tracks sounded great.

The night of the show, the CDs arrived in a box, and there was in fact a glitch in track three. My fiancé was always so particular and detail-oriented when it came to his music. It's no surprise to me that he contacted me to fix the problem with such urgency.

I want to share my story, as I know how important it is for others to know that there is life beyond this earthly one, and that love doesn't die. Patrick continues to communicate with me from time to time. I am always surprised by the level of clarity in his messages, and the way he chooses to let me know that he is still with me. I feel that the bond we had in life continues on a different level, and although I will always miss him in this life, I know that I will see him again some day.

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Posted Mar. 8, 2007