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The Final Goodbye

This incident occurred a few years ago, when I was a student in New York City. I had just come back to my dorm after classes early in the afternoon. After smoking a joint, I lay down to sleep. What happened next would change my life forever.

In the dream, I could see my room from above, as if I were floating. My grandmother was sitting next to my bed. Before I fell asleep I didn't think about her, nor had I done anything in the days before that could trigger a memory of my grandmother. In fact, it was very random. After waking up, I wondered why I had dreamed of her, of all people.

I cannot emphasize enough that the dream was the most vivid dream I ever had in my life. I don't know how to describe it with words, but it felt “more real than real.” In the dream, my grandmother was telling me to be more organized because my room was a mess. Old newspapers covered the shelves and dirty socks and shorts were hanging from the edge of the bed. I remember her telling me something around these lines: "You need to be more organized with things in your life."

The dream was very simple: my grandmother sitting next to my bed and talking to me. Yet, it was so vivid, so realistic and had such a huge impact on me that as soon as I woke up I started organizing my room, throwing the old newspapers out, collecting my dirty clothes and even cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner that I borrowed.
And then it happened: thirty or forty minutes after I woke up, while I was finishing the cleanup of my room, I received a call from my dad on my cellphone:

"I have bad news, son. Your grandmother just passed away." I couldn't say anything except that I was very sorry.

I didn't tell this story until a few years ago and then I started telling as many people as possible. Because I believe now that God wanted to reinforce my belief in the afterlife. I don't believe it was a coincidence. I firmly believe that we don't die with our physical body, that the soul is immortal.

-Lorenzo Cocciotozzo

Posted 9-21-14