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A Gift From My Grandpa

I want to tell you about my awesome grandfather who contacted me after his death. I was not good with the idea of dying when in 2007 my grandpa passed away. I did not handle it well; it really tested my faith and brought up the unanswered question about where we go when we die.

Six months after his death, I was having an extra rough day. Prior to his death, I would have called him to whine about my day. Well, that day I took all I could take, and then I yelled at him and told him I was mad at him for leaving me.

That night I dreamt about him. He was sitting in my driveway honking his horn, as he often had done. I opened the door and he got out of the car looking as he had many years ago. I invited him in and he sat down at my kitchen table and asked for his usual cup of coffee. He told me not to be sad, that his legs didn't hurt anymore and that he was no longer struggling for every breath. He also told me not to wish him back.

Then from his pocket he pulled out a package, and in an instant he was gone. The package remained on my table. When I opened it, I found inside five silver objects in the shape of heads in profile. On each one was the name of one of Grandpa's children. I thought they were Christmas ornaments.

When I awoke, I called my mother to tell her of the dream and the silver "Christmas ornaments." She then called an aunt of mine and told her about the dream. Two weeks later I came home and found a package lying on my kitchen table; it was from my aunt. Inside was a note that read, "I think this belongs to you." My knees went weak when I saw that there were five silver heads in the box with the names of all of Grandpa's kids engraved on them. But instead of Christmas ornaments, they were on a charm bracelet that my grandpa had bought my grandma.

I called my aunt and she said that Grandpa had worked a lot of extra hours to surprise my grandma with that bracelet, and that he was proud of it. Then I knew the bracelet was a sign that Grandpa is in a better place. Many people have suggested that I remembered the bracelet from my childhood, but I honestly believe I had never seen it before. Grandma and Grandpa had gotten divorced when I was very young, and I was not close with Grandma. I do remember that she never wore jewelry. Now when I have a rough day, I still whine to my grandpa because I know he is listening.

Sonya Collins

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Posted March 23, 2012