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My High School Friend

A few months before my ten year high school reunion, I began to think about a guy I was friends with from junior high through high school. I began an Internet search to find him and came up with an address and phone number. But every time I picked up the phone, I got an eerie feeling and would put it down. Once, there was a static sound on the other end.

When the invitation came for the reunion, I opened it and sadly discovered he had died. Did I know this subconsciously? Was this the reason I could not get a call to go through? I found out he had committed suicide, and I was very upset. For two weeks I went to church and prayed and lit candles for him. I prayed and cried and asked him why. After two weeks I was exhausted and I let it go.

One night he visited me. I was asleep, but we talked face to face like I was awake. I could see both of us looking at each other and smiling. He thanked me for my prayers and said he was fine and not to worry anymore. He was absolutely perfect in every way and was surrounded by the most incredible light. When we "spoke" it was telepathically, and I could really feel what he was saying.

I have never felt the same way about religion and death since. I am sad that we didn't get to see each other. I called his parents and told them of my visitation and they were actually grateful.

My friend checked in once again in my dreams. And again he was real and looking at me. It was nice to see him. This is not something I tell everyone. Some people say it was just a dream and dead people don't talk to the living. Well, I know better. Hopefully this will help someone who has lost a friend or loved one.

Maria Beisert Please respond to: John

Posted Aug. 6, 2011