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One More Hug

My father was murdered on January 26, 2004. Even before his death, I was continually seeing the numbers 111 or 1111 on the clock, television, license plates, etc. Not until after my father had passed did I realize what I was seeing. I also happen to see the clock when it says 2:22 or 3:33. So I really didn't think anything of it

About three weeks after my father passed, I told my mother about the 1's I was constantly seeing. She gasped and said she had been seeing them also for a week or so. Today is May 1st, and both my mother and I still see 1's every day. I thought it was only me, but by mistakenly coming to this website, I know I'm not delusional. Seeing that someone said it is God's Symbol makes me smile and shows me that my daddy is watching over us. Thank you so much for this website. Keep up the good work!

Growing up, I had a very loving and happy childhood. My dad was always spending time with us when he could. I would always go to him first before my mother. As I got older, he taught me about things that happen in life and how to embrace them. He told me that no matter what happened in life, he would support my decisions.

For the past two years he had been working overseas where he had found a steady job. He was gone for long periods at a time, so when he came home on break I'd spend as much time with him as I could. Between taking care of my own children and running my household, it was hard to spend enough time with him.

The last time I saw my father was on Christmas Day, 2003. We exchanged gifts and visited and went on about our day. He left to go back to work on January 2, 2004. Sadly, on January 26th burglars broke into his living quarters overseas, robbed and killed him. We never got to say our final goodbye's. Since the minute we found out he had been killed, I've been by my mother's side. Being strong for her, I barely cried in front of her, taking care of matters that needed to be done. I didn't grieve much in front of her the way I really wanted to, trying to be her solid support.

Jokingly, two years ago I told my father about someone I wanted to marry in the next five years. About two weeks ago, I had a dream about my father. He was at his present age (48). In the dream were my mother, father, and the man I told my father I would marry. The dream wasn't much more than chit chatting and laughing, although I cannot recall what we were talking about. At the end of the dream, my father put his arm around me and said "Aly, I love you." I replied, "I love you too, Daddy."

After that, I woke up with tears running down my face, but with a smile. I could swear to you that it was actually him telling me this, because I heard it clear as day in his voice. Yet, when he spoke to me in the dream his mouth did not move. I could actually feel his embrace around me. It felt so wonderful, more than words can describe.

The day after my father passed away, I told my mother that if I could have one more thing from him, it would be a hug. I really think he heard my prayer about a hug and gave me what I needed.


Posted May 3, 2004