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A Hug From Beyond

My Mom and I lived with my grandparents from the time I was two until I was four years old. I am the oldest of their nine grandchildren, so I was very close to both of them. My Pop was a man of few words, so when he spoke, YOU LISTENED! He would give huge bear hugs. They were so intense they took my breath away. I remember having to brace myself when I knew one was coming. He passed away when I was thirteen. Hormonal and grieving, I did not take it very well.

Later that year, on Christmas day, I was riding in the car with my Dad. It was snowing lightly. I looked up into the sky and thought about how beautiful life is, and thought of my Pop. Right then, I physically felt arms around me, hugging tightly -- very tightly. It was the last bear hug he gave me, even though it was several months after he passed on. An overwhelming sense of love washed over me and I knew he was there with me.

His hug was the exact same feeling as when I was a little kid and he hugged me. I felt it through my upper body, chest and shoulders. Like an elephant on my chest, it literally took my breath for a second. I could feel my arms squeeze into my ribs. Along with all the physical pressure, there was an overwhelming feeling of pure unconditional love that entered my heart and spread outward to my fingers, toes and head. It felt like mild tingles. Although it lasted only two seconds in "time," I got a taste of eternity. I know in my spirit that that "hug" was God's/Pop's unconditional, never-ending love for me.

This happened twelve years ago, and to this day there is not an ounce of doubt in my mind that it was real. That moment influenced my views on life and God immeasurably. My Granny (his wife) passed just last spring and I regularly feel her presence as well. I miss being able to go see them, but I know they are with me, guiding me along this journey.

Kathleen Vassar

Posted 12-30-11