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The Hummingbird

I was outside at work one day organizing the stock yard, and I made my way over to a cluttered area near a tree. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a bird, and when I looked over I saw that it was a hummingbird. It then flew to about a foot in front of my face, and hovered there for what felt like a very long time before flying away.

I'm dating a girl whom I met through a chance encounter and I am almost certain I am going to marry her. A little over a year before this incident occurred, she lost her grandmother to cancer. She was very close to her grandmother and the loss has caused her a lot of grief.

When visiting her family, I told her mother about the hummingbird incident as I thought it was an interesting conversation piece. The mother then looked at my girlfriend and told her that it was her grandmother coming to check me out.

I was confused until she told me that her mother (the grandmother) was obsessed with hummingbirds, a fact that was known by all of her family. And on top of this, after she had passed, when the family was at her graveside, a hummingbird flew right through the middle of the assembled mourners.


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Posted Feb. 21, 2015