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My Husband's Scent

My husband passed away from cancer at the young age of 62 in December of 2011. I was stricken with grief and, not being a particularly religious or spiritual person, I was wondering if I would see him again someday.

Soon after my husband's death, my 26-year-old son told me that he had had an experience while sitting outside on the front step smoking a cigarette He told me that he had smelled his dad, very briefly. My husband had a very unique, musty but clean smell that I loved. I wasn't sure if my son had imagined it or not.

I occasionally thought that I smelled him too, but brushed it off as just his scent lingering in the house. Then one day my daughter and I were shopping in a store. She stood in the front of the store and I was about 15 feet away from her. All of a sudden my husband's scent overcame me for a brief moment. I was shocked, and when I turned around to look at my daughter, she had this awe-struck look on her face. She came over to me and told me that she had just smelled her father! I was overcome with joy. I knew that I had not imagined it since we were not at home and since my daughter had smelled him too.

I was also lying in bed one night, half asleep, when I felt something behind me which then rolled over me to the other side of the bed. I knew it was my husband. It was the strangest thing that I have ever felt because I knew it was not a dream. I now believe that my husband is watching over me and my children, and that he will make sure that everything is OK.

If I had read any of the stories on your site before my experience, I might have questioned whether they were real or not. But I now firmly believe that there is life after death, and that I will see my husband again some day.

Annie Couture

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Posted March 15, 2012