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Jack's Heart

This has been the most difficult year of my life. Divorce and job loss-but the hardest thing to bear was the death of my dog, Jack. Everyone thinks their dog is special, but Jack truly was. He was abeautiful farm collie-sweet, gentle, charming-and the love of my life. He followed me everywhere. He slept with me. And when I felt sad, or when my husband yelled at me, he was at my side in seconds. He was my protector. Jack was a good soul, and I called him my "soul dog."

I don't know how old Jack was. I had him for 10 years, and took really excellent care of him. He was full of life and amazingly agile. And when we walked down the street, he pranced. And I always thought, "Jack and I are walking the world together."

Then out of the blue he developed a mass on his heart. It made no sense to me, because this dog had the greatest heart in the world.

I had to make the decision before he suffered. The vet came to the house. I did everything I could to make Jack's last day happy. We took one last walk, though he was very weak, and I told him how great he was. Friends met us back at the house. We lit candles, made a fire, and Jack rested on the sofa.I told him what a good boy he was. He weakly licked my face and the vet gave him the drugs. And then right before my eyes my beautiful boy was gone.

I can't explain how much I miss him, but to say that I asked for a sign-that he would reincarnate for me. And a couple of days later it came. Something small on the ground caught my eye. At first I thought it was a heart-shaped rock. It was a silver charm, run over so many times I could barely make out the design inside the heart-it was a paw print!

I took the charm home, and I take it as asign that I will see Jack again. How or when I don't know. But I know that one day I will, and this gives me great comfort.

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Posted on April 6, 2013