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Jasmine's Visits

My dog Jasmine came to me in the oddest way. My family found her as a stray and the moment we saw each other, we were connected forever. She was always around me and we did everything together. The day we found her, I put her in a box in our ungated backyard, because my family had to go to the store and I didn't want her to leave. When we came home, to my surprise, she had escaped the box and was waiting for me in the opening to my backyard. Soon after that, we got a gate. But when we would leave, she would dig herself out and go search for us. We'd always find her sitting patiently on the driveway, waiting. She would stick by my side when I went out to play, and if I ever felt uncomfortable, she would protect me. She never strayed far away

One day when she was out with me, she said hello to the wrong dogs through a gate. They were two huge dogs and she was a terrier mix so she was quite small. They pulled her through and, to my horror, they killed her, ripping at her and taking turns tossing her around like a rag doll.

A couple of nights after she died, I was lying awake in bed with my door open. I heard her collar in the hallway around the time she would leave my room to patrol the house at night, so I sat up. To my complete surprise, she walked past my doorway. She was transparent and white-looking. I called her name and ran out toward her, but she was gone.

I had also experienced her the morning after she died. I woke up early before everyone and walked into the living room. I went to sit on the couch and felt something jump up with me. I felt a breeze cross my face which smelled like her breath. It let me know that she was okay, and it gave me a sense of closure. She was my companion and best friend.

We got another dog and I witnessed him experiencing her on many occasions, but that's another story. I still miss her dearly, but I know she watches over me.

Maggie Sager

Posted Nov. 7, 2010