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In 2003 we bought a house at an auction, intending to use it as a rental property. It had been abandoned for a while and needed some attention. As I worked on it, I often felt a presence that wasn't happy I was there. I've had paranormal experiences before and, since it wasn't particularly threatening, I continued working. After a few days, though, the presence became more intense. I didn't see or hear anything, but got the distinct impression that someone really didn't want me there.

The neighbors told me the original owner was named Leo, and he'd died of a heart attack. Wondering if it could be him, I said out loud, "Leo, is that you?!" Immediately, I felt the presence soften. I continued, "Leo, if that's you, you're dead and I own the house now. Give me a break here. I've got to get it ready to rent." I thought to myself, "Am I crazy? I'm talking to a freakin' ghost." Leo settled down and agreed to work with me. So began a most unusual relationship.

Tenants would occasionally report hearing someone in the kitchen at night when no one was there. They would also report that pictures on the wall were being moved. Leo was harmless, so I'd usually respond to them with something like, "Are you telling me you think this house is haunted?" They, of course, would always deny it.

One day, the tenants called in a panic. They said water was coming from the ceiling. I asked where, and they said it was in the hall. It's just below the swamp cooler, so I began wondering what could be wrong with it. When I arrived, water was pouring out of the ceiling like a pipe was broken, and the paint was bubbled out like it will when water separates it from a wall. They'd already dumped one plastic garbage can filled with water, and it was half full again. I went on the roof to check out the swamp cooler, but it was fine. The air duct was also dry, and there were no water pipes anywhere. I just couldn't figure where it was coming from.

As I thought about it, I wondered, "Could this be Leo?" I went off by myself, and in a forceful voice said, "Leo, will you knock it off and leave these people alone?!!!" What happened next I still find hard to believe. Within ten minutes, the water completely stopped, and the ceiling repaired itself. When I sold the house a few years later, it was still in perfect shape.

I later learned the tenants had been drug dealers. I suppose Leo just didn't want those types in his house. Can't say I blame him. I always felt he and I were friends, but I haven't been back since we sold the house. I suppose he may still be there, but really hope he's finally been able to move to the light.

Mike L. Hardy

Posted Aug. 5, 2010