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A Loving Visit

My former spouse, Theo, died on September 22nd, 2004 due to complications from his diabetes. I was with him in the hospital when he was dying. He was unable to respond to me in any way. During the last 24 hours of his life, I talked to him, held his hand, kissed him and stroked his face.

The night after Theo's death, I dreamt that he was standing at the foot of my bed. He was wearing a red shirt and was smiling at me, but he didn't say anything and he did not touch me.

As I started to wake up the next morning, I felt a very strange sensation in my back. It then spread to my legs and all the way up to my neck. I had never felt anything like it before. I had asked Theo in the hospital to send me a sign telling me that he got to heaven. I knew that this unusual sensation was Theo answering that request.

The following night, I had a dream that Theo was in the bed with me. He was kissing me and stroking my face in exactly the same manner that I had done to him when he was dying in the hospital. He told me in this dream that he was comforting me the way that I had comforted him.

I got two more signs from Theo on this same day. I had taken a big file folder out of the closet, and sticking up out of it was a card from him to me that he had sent in 2002. On the front of the card it said, "I miss you very much."

Also, I had lost an envelope of pictures that we had had professionally taken in 2000. I was not able to find this envelope after we moved in 2001. I put my hand into a box in my bedroom closet and there was the envelope with the pictures in it. I took that as my
other sign from Theo.

Vickie O'Connor
Madison Wisconsin

[Note from John:
The intimate nature of this experience, shared by a formerly married couple, might fall into the category of Spiritual Energy Exchange (SEE). This is a relatively new field of investigation, and one of the leading researchers in this field is Sage Skaggs. Her site can be found at:
She is interested in hearing from others who have had similar intimate experiences with spiritual entities on the other side.]

Posted December 30, 2004