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Over a decade ago I experienced an incredible NDE (Near Death Experience), although that is not what this story is about. However, the NDE left me with amazing new abilities including, but not limited to, overwhelming psychic capabilities that I had never possessed before. And it's the psychic capability that may have aided this story to be fulfilled.

My mother was in the process of dying when I shared my NDE with her for the second time. I promised her that the realm into which she was about to enter was incredible beyond words. My mother accepted my words as fact and looked forward to the journey.

Days after I left her bedside, she passed quietly and effortlessly – praise God for that! It wasn’t long before she began to visit in the typical “Visitation Dream.” Most people desperately try to describe what this experience is like, but it still seems to fall short, unfortunately. It is clearly a meeting of souls in an unconscious state, where the vibrations are actually able to meet somewhere in between. For the record, I do not fear death for I have already glimpsed the “Other Side,” and trust we will go home, and family will be waiting. The funny thing is, I am as far away from a “Church-Goer” as one can be but, because of the NDE, I now know more than I ever learned from any Sunday school class or sermon.

One night, the “Highly Lucid-Dream” transpired, when I was given a serious and crucial message from my mother. Without going into great detail about the dream, I will tell you I was sitting in the hallway of a hospital, waiting for something unrelated, when my eldest sister (in black and white) was slowly escorted past me in a wheel chair being pushed by my mother.  Mom looked in perfect health, but my eldest sister was dying. I heard her wheezing and she was pale as snow. The episode was short-lived as she went by in “slow motion.”  Mom didn't even look at me in this visitation episode, but she got my attention!

Next morning, I called another sister and asked whether or not she knew if our eldest sister was ill. “Yes, with a serious lung infection.” I told the sister that the eldest was in critical condition and about to pass, and that Mom had showed her to me last night. My sister said she was on some powerful antibiotics and would be fine.

Turns out the eldest was given antibiotics but wasn’t taking them, and was getting even sicker by the minute. I relied on my other two sisters to get the eldest to finally take her meds, which they did. It was Mom's visitation that saved my eldest sister's life. I had no idea she was even ill until Mom visited.

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Posted March 23, 2015