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Visions of My Mom

My mother and I were very close; I talked to her over the telephone just about every day. She lived in Missouri and I live in California. From the time we found out she had terminal cancer until she died was only a few weeks.

I helped take care of her for a couple of weeks, but when I had to return to work, my sister took off to stay with her. The day I got the call from my sister telling me she was gone, I was devastated. I suddenly felt an absolute need to know if there was life after death. I thought of ways my mom could send me signs, such as feathers, Taurus signs, or Indian artifacts since she loved southwestern things and Native American culture.

The second night after her passing I remember being prodded to wake up. Someone was telling me to hurry - You gotta open your eyes! At first I just saw a blurry glowing green light, lighter in the center, that appeared like a cloud. Then I saw Mom's face in the center and, as I looked, the cloud with her in it moved further away and disappeared. I yelled and jumped up, waking my husband who must have thought I had had a bad dream.

Then, months later, she came to me in a dream. I was outside on a porch and she pulled up in a convertible car. She was younger looking and energetic and healthy! I didn't recognize the house where we were. We were in one of the side rooms and I was asking her questions but without having to talk. I asked her what she was doing "over there." She told me she did work in a hospital and she was being recognized for special work, and there were a lot of awards in the lobby all dedicated to her.

She told me she was going to pick up my dad (who is still living) and take him to see it. She said my dad and she visit but he doesn't remember that in his waking state. I asked her what she did there and she smiled and asked, "What do you think?" as though I should know. I knew she always healed birds that fell out of nests, and dogs, cats, mice, squirrels to name a few. I said, "You are a veterinarian!"

I started to ask her what it was like when she died, whether she was aware of what was happening. But without my having to ask, she said, "Yes, I was aware of and saw everything." She said, "Cheryl, it was literally like going up and through a door." She said there were two doors, one for people like her, and another for those who were confused or not ready.

I asked her where this place is where she is now and she said, "It is all around you." I sensed she had to get going; then we were out front on the porch and she was leaving in her car. An older woman approached me after watching Mom drive off, and she asked me if there was life after death. She wanted to know because she had just lost someone close to her. I said, "That was my Mom and yes, there absolutely is life after death."

Cheryl Martel

Posted January 9, 2009