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Experiences with My Mother

I would like to share three simple experiences I have had that pertain to my mother after she passed in 1983 at the age of 63. She was a heavy smoker and died of emphysema. I am sure it was hard on my father who took care of her. She did not need a great deal of care, but my dad had to watch her diminishment on a daily basis. She died one morning from a massive heart attack.

First experience: This experience happened while I was asleep, so it was perhaps a dream, but the outcome was healing for me. Being Catholic, I prayed for my mother's soul. Three days after her death I had a dream in which I accompanied her for part of her journey. She was looking from the top of a high hill. I was above her looking down and she did not see me. In the distance, past a few miles of woods, was a very high mountain range. As she was looking, a voice spoke to her and said:

"Vinita, you have died, and soon a large group of people will come to take you over the mountain." Soon that is what happened - a large crowd of happy people came and escorted her over the mountain out of my sight. It was a healing dream for me and it helped me to move through my mourning more smoothly than would otherwise have been possible.

2nd experience: About a year after she died, I was listening to music with my ear phones on. Suddenly, a voice spoke out to me, very loud and clear: "Mark, your mother is here watching you." I can't say I was happy about that, so I told my mother that she was not supposed to be here and to please move on.

3rd experience: This experience happened about seven years after my mother died. I was going to make a phone call. I picked up the phone and, just as I was beginning to dial, I heard very distinctly my mother's voice. All that was said, though quite loudly, was my name: "MARK!" I stood there for a short time, stunned, but then just finished my call and hung up.

Mark Dohle

Posted 8-15-10