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The "Moving" Picture

In 1991, my ten-year-old son Nicky was killed in a road accident. A few days before the accident, my son told me that he didn't mind if he died young. In hindsight, it seemed as if he knew. Following this, our family experienced several visitations from Nicky. The first week after he died, I felt him kiss me just as I woke up in the morning. In addition, I had several dreams where he told me that he had important work to do where he now was.

We had moved from the UK to New Zealand, and therefore all our family were overseas and couldn't come to the funeral. Nearly two weeks after the funeral, my husband's two sisters came to visit. We had the funeral service recorded on tape, so we started to show the film to the two sisters. Also present was my husband, myself and Nicky's older brother.

As the service began, one of the sisters suddenly noticed that the picture of Nicky on the top of the TV was moving. The five of us looked at it and Nicky's face came out of his picture in 3D. We could see him looking around the room and moving his head to do so. He was ecstatic. I had never seen him look so happy. He was talking to us but we couldn't hear any sound. We could lip read some of the words which were all positive. He was undoubtedly enjoying the whole experience. It seemed to us that he was trying to say that he now knew everything, and that it was fantastic.

This continued for quite a long time. Eventually, he faded back into the picture. We looked for the first time at the funeral service on the TV and it had come to an end. Later, we timed the tape and discovered that the five of us had witnessed Nicky's visit for over forty minutes. The sisters hadn't seen him for two years and weren't so emotionally involved, and this seemed further proof to us that it wasn't a mass illusion on our part.

The next day we wrote the experience down and we all signed it. This was in case we would think we had imagined it in later years. My son Nicky, was born on 11/11/80 at 1.00 a.m. He died on the 1st of March 1991. I often wake up in the night and notice the digital clock is reading 11.11.

I'm not sure what all that means, but it does seem coincidental.

Christine Sherborne

Posted Sept. 9, 2008