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A Mutual Dream

My mother and I had the same dream one night. In this dream, I was walking through an empty shopping mall. I turned into the food court, and there were my mother and her father, my grandfather.  I have never met my grandpa, as he passed away about ten years before I was born.

We sat there for quite a while and he asked us about things going on in our lives, along with some very normal chit-chat. It was like I had known him for years!

In the morning, my mother had a smile on her face as she told me, "I had a dream about my dad last night. And you were there with me." I suddenly felt shivers all over as I told her that I also had had that dream.

We realized that the details in the two dreams were identical: the location of the mall food court and the fact that I walked in and sat down with the two of them.  To this day, I believe he really was visiting with us.

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Posted Feb. 21, 2015