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Nicky's Heart Signs

In June 2012, after my son, Nicky, died, I wrote a poem and casually titled it "Give Me A Sign." My son had been the light of my life. He needed 24-hour care for 33 years. He lost his life to sudden death from epilepsy. He was almost always happy.

A few days after I wrote the poem for him, I saw a perfect heart shape made by water (maybe from rain, maybe from watering plants). It was on the cement by the back door, but it lasted for only  a few minutes. Before I could think to call someone to see it, it dried up in the heat,

It was 4 feet by 3 feet with perfect edges and shape. I was incredulous. "Who? How? What did this?” I tried everything in the days after, bit it couldn't be replicated.

It made me happy! I knew it was a message of love from my son, Nicky or from God. My world view  changed. Since then, my family and friends and I have seen over 100 hearts in everything from stones, wood, water, clouds, vegetables, paper, blood, hair, etc. I took pictures of most of them. I did not think in time to take a photo of the first one because I was too
dumbfounded, but I did draw a chalk outline the next day and took a photo of that.

It seems that the hearts appear more often when our family is together or when I need more comfort.

Jane Mariouw

Posted March 11, 2014