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My mother passed in 1995, having fully arranged all the final details. She made sure I was out of the way and did not tell me that she would be passing that weekend. As it turned out, my daughter was with her, though I was not.

We had shared many deep spiritual adventures and searches together through life, and she was very gifted in prayer and spirit. Shortly after she died, I had a vivid, lucid dream: she showed herself to me in full colour, just head and shoulders, smiling, and I knew she had arrived safely.

Not long after that, I was wakened one night to feel a steady, almost audible vibration over my whole body. I lay and experienced it quietly. Reaching out my hand, I touched the mattress and found that it too was vibrating. I knew it was my mum. It would be typical of her to come back to share a healing love after her passing, knowing how shocked and upset I was.

Over the following months, I had exactly the same experience many times, and each time I would place my hand on the mattress to feel if it was vibrating as well, and it always was. The same thing happened to my daughter when she came to stay. She said to me in the morning, "There wasn't an earthquake in the night, was there!?" She told me what had happened and it was just as I had been experiencing. She said, "It was quite something, but I said to myself, 'Oh, it's ok; it's just Gangy' [her pet name for my mum] so I turned over and went back to sleep."

This was a physical experience which came many times. It proved to me that healing can come from the other world from those we love, and that the link remains between the dimensions.

Beverly Martin

Posted April 29, 2004