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In 2006, I had an unexpected health scare, and both my cats, Ginger and Russ, gave me great comfort as I healed. Later, in 2008, when Ginger was 17 years old, she passed. A year later, I also lost my sweet Russ after having him for six years.

When both my kitties were alive, I often played beautiful instrumental music from a CD entitled "Animal Healing" by Perry Wood. The music is so calming and soothing that I even enjoyed meditating to it as well as playing it at bedtime. When Ginger passed, I missed her terribly and wondered if she was okay. I couldn't bring myself to play the "Animal Healing" CD until one night at bedtime about seven months later.

I turned on the music and got comfortable in my bed, but several minutes later the CD stopped playing. I got up to investigate and discovered that my CD player was completely turned off. I thought this was very unusual since it was still plugged in and neither my lamp nor my clock radio were affected. But I dismissed the incident thinking it was an electronic glitch, and I played the CD for the second time without incident.

However, when Russ passed, I decided to communicate to him one evening, not knowing whether I would receive an answer. I told him I missed him and wanted to know if he was okay.

The next day, when I turned on my laptop, the first thing that popped up on my screen was my favorite photo of Russ! I had taken this photo of him perched on top of the cat post while he stared directly at me. I was taken completely by surprise since I never used Russ's photo as a screen saver or on the desk top! That was the first time and only time I had that experience.

My experience with Russ's photo made me reexamine my prior experience of trying to play the "Animal Healing" CD after Ginger's passing. Ginger was such a mellow kitty that I now believe she choose to communicate with me in a subtle way. Whereas Russ was such a gregarious kitty that he communicated in a dynamic way that made me take notice!

Both of my kitties were such a blessing to me. Their unconditional love left me grateful and honored to have had them, and these experiences reassured me that they are both okay.


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Posted 1-14-12