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Loving Parents

I worked in a hotel for a few months. One day I was working with Otto. Suddenly, I realized or felt that there were two people (spirits) in front of us, about ten feet away. I immediately knew it was Otto's parents. (I thought that I was going crazy...) But they spoke to me in a telepathic way.

They said that I should tell him that they love him and are proud of him. (His parents died a few years ago when he was still in school.) I denied their request because I was afraid that I was not strong enough. But they insisted that I should do it because he could not see them himself. Only after I promised to tell him as soon as I calmed down did they leave.

It took me more than a week to mentally accept that this had happened. But I never doubted it because during the "conversation" I could feel all their emotions. I almost started crying, not because of sadness but because of the incredible amount of love they felt for their son.

It was the strongest and weirdest thing that ever happened to me! What's interesting is that I don't see spirits like I see humans. It's more that I just know they're there. And I know how they look and so on. But I don't see them all the time.

I told Otto about the visit a week later. He was very happy and told me that it would be typical for his parents to insist that I tell him of their visit. He believes in these things but has never actually seen anything himself.

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Posted May 25, 2006