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Pennies From Heaven

My daughter, my only child, committed suicide, two best friends of forty-plus years passed within the next six months, three months later my brother passed. During this time, my husband became ill and had a stroke the night after my brother's burial. He suffered for ten days before passing.

We were both spiritualists and he was older than me so we always knew with life's natural progression, he would pass before me. This fact did not ease the loss. My entire world disappeared.

I told my daughter when she was alive about Pennies From Heaven. Since she passed, there have been many pennies in strange places, such as the garbage disposal. I know they are from her. Within a week of my husband's passing, there were three shiny pennies on the corner of my jewelry box - daughter/husband/brother.

My brother and I had been estranged for years. I had a dream of being in an airport waiting room and a man was following me. He grabbed me and kissed me hard and long, but it wasn't sexual. He then left and I said, He loves me. I told my husband about the dream and said I think someone told me goodbye. The next morning, I received the call telling me my brother had passed.

I joked with my husband prior to his death that if he left me coins, they should be worth more than pennies. After he passed, I wore our wedding rings on a chain around my neck. I awoke one morning to find two dimes on my dresser beside the rings. Since then, I have had several dimes from my husband and pennies from my daughter. I had a reading and my daughter, friends, brother and husband came through with beautiful messages. Although I desperately miss them, I know they are at peace and we will be reunited.

I suffer from insomnia and my husband's favorite word was "cuddle." He loved to cuddle in bed because he thought it made me rest easier. Since he passed, sleep is impossible. One night, I turned in bed, facing my husband's side of the bed. My hand was beside my face. I felt a light touch encompassing my hand but was not frightened. I opened my eyes and looked into my husband's beautiful blue eyes and smiling face. No words were spoken but I felt such happiness. We just looked at one another for a long time until I slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep. This was not a dream and I recall the memory several times every day and it makes me happy. I had a reading later from a medium who knew nothing of this encounter. He told me, "Your husband is trying to help you sleep."

Lady Godiva

Posted Apr. 22, 2012