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A Pet's Return

We had to allow our dear little dog to go to sleep the Friday before Valentine's Day. My wife and I were very upset by it, as of course we loved her. She was eleven, and had a bad heart.

After we returned home, we were sitting in the living room with the TV on. An "orb," dark with a white ring about it, came through the window by my wife. It went past her and slowly settled to the carpet and disappeared.

Since then, I have had a sense that she is home...I find flavor snacks in the darnedest places where I know I have vacuumed.

Please tell me if you think I am crazy, or?


John's reply:

You're not crazy. It's the "or" you're interested in, I'm quite sure. Your account is fascinating because we have just had two other dog stories sent to us. They make the point that dogs have souls and that they continue to love us and be around us, even after "death." I have no doubt that you were seeing a spiritual manifestation of your dog's presence. If some humans don't know that they are dead, just think how confusing it must be for animals to figure out. This would appear to be a vote of confidence about your care for the dog, that she still sees your house as home. It's even more interesting that she seems to be able to manipulate matter. This story adds to our growing understanding of how the two worlds intersect.

Posted Mar. 31, 2010