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Phone Calls from My Son

I lost my youngest son on October 20th, 2006 at 7:20 PM. My heart split right down the middle and has never healed.

However, I've had so many signs from him I can't begin to list them. One very profound form of communication is through the telephone. He's called many times, and no one is on the line; static can be heard, and the number shows up as 000-000-0000. I've tried to return the call using the *69, but all I can get is a message saying that this is not a working number.

So, I programmed that number into my cell phone and sent a text to him; I asked him, if he's receiving my messages, to please let me know, somehow. While we were gone, that same day, a call came in from that number, but of course there was no message, just static. It showed up on our caller ID as 000-000-0000.


Posted 5-8-11