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Powerful Dream at the Right Time

I recently had a very powerful dream about my mother. She passed on her birthday 2-19-2000 at the young age of 60, and I have not dreamt about her for a long time. The last time was several years ago and in that dream she was showing me around her "new place." The colors were amazing and did not make much sense in relation to how we paint rooms here on Earth. For instance, her closets were painted in bright rainbow colors, etc. She was very proud to show me around and I took this dream to mean that she is moving forward in the afterlife, which brought me alot of comfort.

This most recent dream came at a time when I was very upset with my husband who was acting irresponsibly with our finances. This is my second marriage and his actions brought up alot of painful memories; I was feeling very alone and vulnerable and scared.

In this dream,it was late at night when I discovered that my sister had withheld information about my mother being very ill. I became very upset with my sister, saying "Why didn't you tell me? I could have gone to see her!"

At that point it occurred to me that I could still call my mother which I did immediately. She answered the phone and I began telling her that I was so sorry and upset that I did not go to see her. She very calmly and clearly said, "Sherrie, I - LOVE - YOU and everything is ok or going to be ok."

I woke up feeling so comforted, relieved and loved! It was a direct message from my mother that came through at the exact right time. When I think of this dream which was so crystal clear, I can still hear her voice, and feel the peace and love coming through.

I was reminded what a strong woman she was. What a wonderful gift from the other side and a reminder that I too am a strong woman. And, of course, everything has worked out fine with my husband. THANK YOU, MOTHER!

Sherrie Thomas-Woodside
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Posted August 30, 2013