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A Presence In My House

We had a presence living in our house who I now know was stuck between the physical and his next journey. Most people would consider our house haunted, but I knew that it was only a lost soul. Often times, things like dressers would fall down, laundry detergent would fly across the room, or things would just disappear and then reappear in other places. My sister and I both experienced these things.

One night she was wakened out of a sound sleep by a voice that said, "Dead people are among you." She rushed into my mom's room, fearing that something had happened, but Mom was OK. Karen then realized that the voice was referring to a spiritual being.

Often, visitors would feel a presence behind them in the kitchen. People learned to avoid the kitchen at night. One evening, I was in the kitchen and I felt a very strong presence behind me. I rushed back to my brother's room and got under the covers. The spiritual being followed me and his presence was very strong. It seemed to be begging me for something.

God spoke to my heart and told me to help him go on with his journey. I protested out of fear. "No, God I can't. I'm too scared. I can't." But God's love filled me and said it was safe. So I told this person that it was OK, he could let go now and go on with his journey. The sense of his presence vanished.

I got up the next morning, and my mom said that the house felt different, clearer.

I later learned that the man who had lived there before us was very violent and had killed someone named Andrew. Strangely enough, ever since we where kids, we referred to this presence as Andrew, before we knew anything about him. He was very active in letting himself be known, but now I know it was a cry for help.

I should offer advice to those who want to attempt to free a spirit being of this sort. Don't do it unless you feel the spirit of God assisting you, because a person in spiritual form is much like the person they were in the body, and some people are not very nice.

Jo Anne Bemis

Posted 1-22-04