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My Father & The Radio
My father and I had a running joke from since I was the age of 15. One day he had a terrible headache. Being the brat I was, I refused to turn down my radio after his repeated requests. So he entered my room, dropped the radio to the floor and stomped on it until it was toast! After that, the running joke was - If you don't behave, I'll stomp on your radio!

On January 3, 2004, my father slumped over on the couch. He was diagnosed with encephalitis and fought the disease until January 27, 2004 when he died. Inside, I was panicked; I had no idea how to cope without him. I started having chest pains, panic attacks and insomnia. My father did not believe in life after death, so when he died it brought that whole concept to the forefront.

My father had bought a beautiful new Dodge Ram pickup truck in 2001. He loved that truck! My mother did not want to give it up so she gave it to me. I set about changing the radio stations to the ones I liked. I changed all the buttons but number 4, since that one was set to NPR, my father's favorite station. I left it there as a tribute to him.

In March, almost two months after Dad's passing, I was listening to channel 1 on the radio. After a few minutes, I noticed that there was no music, just talking. I looked down at the radio and it was on channel 4 - NPR. I didn't remember hitting the button, but I changed it back. Then a while later it happened again. And it happened again the next day.

My fiancé, Ric, and I took the truck out soon after, and this time, being the passenger, I had more time to focus my attention on the radio. I sat there and watched the radio change channels: as I pushed 1, it would change to 4. Ric said, and I quote, "Bob! We aren't going to hurt your pretty truck."

It was like I had been plugged into a light socket. Electrical charges coursed through my body, and I felt the warmest electricity on my face, like two hands holding it. I knew what it was and who it was. I said, "Dad, if this means you're OK, then we will be OK, too." When I was done, I put the radio on 1 and said, "So, if this is really you, change it one more time and never again." After what seemed like forever, it changed to 4. I repeated what I said about never changing it again. I put it back on 1 and to this day it has never changed again.

Patty Erickson
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Posted Feb. 4, 2010