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My Rainbow Story

My most beloved male Silky Terrier, Sirgent Enchanted Sweetboyz, was 14 years and 8 months of age when he was put to rest. He had extreme separation anxiety, was always by my side, was my protector even though he was such a little guy, and was smart. When people looked into his eyes, they would say he had a kind old soul.

He was a very healthy dog all his life, and I was blind-sided when he was diagnosed with a tumor in his lungs. He died within 90 days. I spent every moment with him until he could fight no more, and I felt his last heartbeat.

There has not a day gone by that I do not miss and cry for him. He was cremated and his ashes were put in a beautiful urn, which was placed on the living room bookcase.

The next evening, my Siberian Husky looked up at the urn, let out a low growl and seemed to sense something. The next day, a huge bright rainbow appeared across the living room, something I had never seen in the house before. Every day the rainbow got smaller, and when I thought it was gone, it began to appear in different places - under my chair at my computer, in the bathroom, in the sky, on my leg.

On days when I really miss and cry for him the most, small rainbows appear closer to me. It has been three months now and they are still appearing. I feel my little guy is telling me that he is still by my side.

Terri Wise Welch Please respond to: John

Posted June 7, 2011