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The Scent of Roses

My husband and I recently moved into an older rental house on the border of a rough neighborhood. The house itself is great - it's big and spacious enough for us, our dog, grandkids and garden, although it needs work. However, when the sun goes down, it feels scary. I am not concerned about spirits. I am concerned about the living people nearby who are into crime and drugs.

Sometimes, my husband has to go out of town with his work, and this was the case one particular week. His absence made me feel especially nervous and vulnerable, and as a result I was not sleeping well.

That night, I had the most amazing dream! I dreamt about my dad, mom and both grandmothers, all of whom have crossed over. It was as if I was watching old home movies of them. They all looked so happy - young and full of life - my dad and his mother were even dancing! This is something I never actually witnessed in real life, and I watched in amazement.

In the dream, I was perfectly aware that they were dead and yet I was getting to see them. This was very comforting because they had been gone so, so long! When I woke up, I actually spoke out loud, saying "I wonder if this dream is you all trying to tell me not to worry because you are watching over me. I love you all and miss you all so much - thank you!"

That morning, I proceeded to get ready for work. In the bathroom, after brushing my teeth, I noticed a sweet aroma of something like the scent of roses. I quickly dismissed it as possibly being the soap, even though I knew the soap didn't smell like that.

What really got my attention was when I went into my bedroom to look for a certain pair of earrings. That same scent suddenly appeared again! I just stood there looking around, puzzled, trying to figure out where this smell was coming from. I had not put on any perfume and all the windows were closed tight. Then it occurred to me that this was a sign in response to the question I asked when I awoke - are they telling me in this dream not to worry, that they are watching over me? What a comfort it was to remember that my grandmother's favorite flower was the rose.

Sherrie Thomas-Woodside
Please respond to: John

Posted 6-17-10