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Sam's Message

I had an experience that demonstrates that there is life after death. My wife and her cousin, Sam, were very close from infancy to adulthood. When Sam reached her mid 30's, she began to have circulatory problems. Her veins were slowly deteriorating. By the time she was 49 she had lost one leg, and a year later the doctors said there was no hope.

I was not very close to her and we rarely had much contact. But since I was a physician, my wife asked me to come to the hospital and explain her medical situation to her and her family. I told her very frankly that there was nothing medically that could be done. She accepted my explanation and appreciated my honesty.

Several weeks later, we were told that Sam was very close to passing, so I went with my wife for one final visit. Sam was not very responsive but I asked if I could have a moment with her. I whispered in her ear that everything was going to be fine and that she should let go and not suffer anymore. I told her that I loved her and would pray for her.

Sam died two days later. That evening I was working in my office. I had my cell phone lying next to my keyboard. The phone's power was on, but it was totally dark in the rest mode. As I was typing, a female voice came out of my phone, saying "Helloooo." The phone never lit up or vibrated. I heard the same thing several times. I called our staff assistant and asked if she was trying to contact me; she said no. As I was questioning her, the same female voice spoke again - "Helloooo." This time, the staff assistant heard it and asked me if I had someone in my office. I said no, but she insisted that I did because the voice was so clear.

Totally freaked at this point, I called my wife to see if she had called me. Before I told her anything, I asked her how she and her cousin greeted each other. She said Sam would always answer by saying "Helloooo." I repeated the word that I heard on my cell phone, and she said that was exactly how Sam answered her phone; it was a private greeting unique to them. My wife had never discussed this with me and I never heard Sam greet my wife in this way.

A week later, my wife and Sam's sisters were visiting. My wife had Sam's cell phone in her purse. The service to this cell phone had been shut off the day after her death and the power was off. While they were visiting, the cell started ringing in her purse, but the power was off and it did not light up. We all believe that Sam was trying to communicate to us that she was fine and not to worry.

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Posted Feb. 8, 2010