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My Son Is Still With Us

I lost my oldest son in September 2006 to suicide; that day my world came spiraling down. We planned to bring him back to Montana for burial. As we were traveling in Colorado, we were passing through the mountains and I remember looking at my cell phone and noting that there were no bars. I asked my husband why my son's friends hadn't tried to call yet, since we were making arrangements while traveling; we wanted his friends to be pallbearers. My husband said, "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll contact us soon."

Suddenly my 10-year-old daughter, who was sleeping in the back seat, sat up and said, "Mom, my brother said Anthony is going to call you." We figured she had been dreaming and had overheard our conversation. But then my cell phone rang. I was surprised because I had just looked at it and seen that there were no service bars. I answered the phone and it was Anthony! I couldn't believe my ears.

After we talked awhile, I said goodbye to him, and he replied, "Bye mom, love you." This was significant because my son said this to me all the time, and his friends didn't know me well enough to speak so intimately to me; nor had they ever heard my son say this to me.

We pulled into my mother's home in Montana on the first night. My husband and I were given my niece's room to sleep in. I asked my husband to leave her TV set on with the volume turned down. It wasn't connected to cable so there was only a white screen. As he walked toward the bed, the TV shut off. He turned it on again, but it did this three times. Finally I told him that if it did it again, to just turn the overhead light on. This time it stayed on.

My niece's bed was a single and I changed positions frequently so my husband could be more comfortable. At one point, I turned from facing the wall to face my husband. When I opened my eyes, lo and behold, my son was leaning over my husband, having just kissed him on the forehead. I was stunned and, only for a minute, scared, so I covered my head up. I lay there thinking, "What am I afraid of? It's only my son." But when I opened my eyes, he was gone.

When I saw him initially, I noted that he was lit up by a luminescent light from head to toe, as though he was bathed in the moonlight. Many other experiences occurred later on that let me know he was with us!

Have hope, those of you out there struggling with the loss of a loved one. They are with us and more alive than we could ever imagine.

Marina Mitchell

Posted Sept. 27, 2012