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Standing By Him

My Mum decided to go home on March 13, 2005. Since then, we have had lots of things happen which indicate her presence with us. One incident is particularly significant.

Dad had been getting terrible headaches and nothing seemed to help him. One Sunday night about 2 a.m. while he was sleeping, he saw himself talking to someone. He knew it was Mum though he did not see her. He had been to the doctor the week before for his headaches, and Doc could find nothing wrong. We were very worried.

In this dream he was speaking to Mum and he said to her, "Lil, why am I getting these headaches? What is going on?" He says that he heard someone say to him, "Change your glasses." He is sure it was Mum. The next morning he wore his old glasses and his headaches disappeared. He was thrilled and said to someone yesterday that he has proof now that she is taking care of him.

Mom used to have a problem with her esophagus which resulted in her coughing and choking when she ate. This problem may have had to do with their early history. Mom and Dad fell in love but had a hide-and-seek romance because her family did not consider him an appropriate suitor for their daughter. (I am Indian). When they were found out by their families, they were forbidden to see each other. Mom went on a hunger strike and nearly died. Dad sneaked into her house and found her starving to death so he fed her and he did so for many days until she regained her health. Therefore, the coughing and choking are a significant reminder of that period in their early life. Dad used to scold Mom about rushing through her meals, and only later did it transpire that the coughing and choking were a result of her esophagus problem.

Well, Dad always shares his food with her by leaving a small bit on the side of his plate. For no reason one day, he started to cough and choke. I teased him by saying that Mom was reminding him that she is standing by him. He believed me since he has never had a problem like that. A few days ago was the first day since March 13th this year that Dad forgot to leave Mum some food while eating lunch. He said he started coughing and choking really badly and then remembered Mum, and said to her that he was sorry for forgetting her. Thereafter he had no problem with choking.

Meena Tulsi
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Posted Aug. 10, 2005